About Support Employment

The Eugenia Center’s Support
Employment Program assists
individuals in finding meaningful
employment in their local
Participants are integrated into
community employment settings
as part of the process of
discovering their gifts and
talents. Employment specialists
seek to match each client with
employment that best matches
their interests and abilities.

We strive to support full
participation in
community life for every
client we serve.

Who is Eligible?

  • Must qualify for Medicaid
  • Have a medical necessity
    related to Mental Health,
    Substance Use Disorder,
    activities of daily living or
    complex physical health
    needs that prevent you from
    living independently
  • Meet specific risk factors that
    prevent you from finding or
    keeping a job
  • Be at least 16 years old

How Will Staff Assist?

  • Assess strength, interest and
    employment goals
  • Conduct thorough assessments
  • Assist in preparing resumes
  • Strengths interviewing skills
  • Partner in seeking suitable
  • Assist with developing
    workplace accommodations
  • Coach employees
  • Guide and support families and
    employers regarding their role
    in maintaining employment
  • Work with clients and
    employers after finding a job to
    ensure long-term success

Contact the Adult Social Support Center for more information.