Behavioral Health Transport


Available to clients who don't have transportation. Clients will be picked up from their starting location and transported to an approved destination. The driver will be available to take them home as well.

This transportation service can be used for:
• Inpatient
• Groups
• 1x1
• Medical appointments
• Crisis stabilization units
• Housing and shelters
• Any other social services agencies


Client transport is available:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 8:30pm
Weekends will be on-call

Clients can contact the receptionist of the location where they receive treatment to set up transportation.

Releases must be signed prior to the transport. Drivers will collect an electronic signature at pickup.
No extra passengers will be transported.


Available for providers that need reliable scheduled or on-call patient transportation.

Transportation service uses:
• Inpatient treatment from homes
• Transfer to other providers
• Crisis stabilization units
• Return patients to their residences or other destinations


Provider transport is available:
On-Call and Scheduled

Behavioral Health Transport direct number: (360) 623-9143