Eugenia Center had its humble beginnings in 1991 as a response to the community need to provide an alternative for individuals with Substance Use Disorders. Eugenia Center has been providing outpatient Substance Use Disorder services for over 32 years!

Today, many in our community are struggling with financial hardship, unemployment, and other stress related issues that have led to an increase need for Mental Health services. In response, Eugenia Center opened a Behavioral Health Center in 2017.

We have a clinical team of Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers, Substance Use Disorder Professionals and Trainees; we also have Certified Peer Support Specialist. They are valuable in providing support, recovery and peer- mentoring to people who are in treatment.

Our Atmosphere is very welcoming, allowing clients to meet others in recovery. We offer a complimentary snack and coffee area, recreational activities, as well as an entertainment center that invites clients to watch educational videos.

Our compassionate, diverse employee’s work diligently to provide personalized, client centered care to each client who walks through our doors. We offer Substance Use Disorder and Behavioral Health services in Chehalis, Mossyrock, and Aberdeen Washington.

If you are currently, struggling with an addiction or are concerned about a family member that may benefit from our services, call us or visit us today!

At Eugenia Center we promote:

Humility - Open mindedness - Purpose - Empathy

There is a new way of life available for you. Thank you for visiting our website! Best wishes on your recovery journey!


Executive Team