Eugenia Center Adult Social Support Services are designed to encourage clients to participate in healthy and collaborative activities that:

• Enhances your psychological and social functioning

• Teaches coping abilities and lessens the impact

• Assists with vocation/educational opportunities

• Guides and supports to prevent relapse

Clients learn and practice symptom management skills, emotion regulation, problem solving strategies, relationship skills, and anger management. Each client sets their goals to work on with their treatment team.

The Adult Social Support Services promotes overall health and quality of life through treatment services that reduce the impact of mental illness and substance abuse for individuals and families.

There is good evidence that social support plays an important role in mental health and substance use issues. Having a variety of positive social support can contribute to psychological and physical wellness of individuals. Support from others can be an important part of reducing stress, increasing physical health and overcoming psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

Activities We Offer: 
• Financial Management 
• Parenting
• Vocational Strategies 
• Basic Life Management 
• Life Skills Support 
• Exercise/Wellness
• Sober Living 
• Meal Planning 
• Community Action/ Outreach 
• Community Events 
• Arts/ Humanities

Resources offered: 
• Counseling 
• Meals 
• Clothing 
• Transportation Services

Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:30pm