Eugenia Center

Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery class covers the following topics: 

• Definition of Trauma

• Trauma covers us in chains 

• Being truly aware & mindful

• Relationships

• Acceptance & seeing reality 

• Recovery Process 

• Taking charge: The courage to be free 

• The future, goals and becoming who you want to be

• Striving for superiority versus just surviving 

"Experiencing some sort of trauma is a bit like getting a stain. It imprints itself on us. We’ll say that again; trauma imprints itself on us. It literally makes a deep and lasting impression in the brain. It imprints in a deep way that involves memory, feelings, emotions, and thought processes. We try to forget trauma, stay busy so we can ignore it, do things in an effort to make it go away, or hide it. We hope that the passing of time makes it fade away. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t."

From the book: Breaking the Chains of Trauma  by Dr. Gregory l. Little, Dr. Kenneth D. Robinson, and Katherine D. Burnette